Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eggs Here, There, Everywhere - Pumilio Cristobal

When the Cristo girls were in the 10g, I would occasionally find a clutch of unfertilized eggs. In their new home it's at least once a week (four so far this week). I noticed female # 2 checking out all the film canisters today and the last time I walked by, she had laid a small clutch in one so I thought I'd grab the camera. Can't wait till the day when I don't have to just sigh at all these unfertilized eggs.

This is one of their favorite spots to lay. 

Species -  Oophaga Pumilio Cristobal
Line/Origin - 2010 SNDF, WC
Age - ?
Quantity - 0.2.0
Purchase Date - 10/8/2010
Seller - Tropical Ecos 

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