Monday, March 18, 2013

Pretty Popa Pumilio Girl

While the new acquisitions remain in questionable status, I thought I'd post a nice photo of one of the Popa girls. I found tads in the water for this trio earlier today.

Here We Go Again

I can't help but sing the chorus to an old Shelter tune while posting this blog. Unfortunately, everyone from the recent shipment came back from the vet with nasties. Ugh! The Rambala had Crypto, the Rio Branco had nematodes, the red Bastimentos female had some crazy sharp toothed worm that our vet couldn't even identify, and the Loma's are impacted and bloated. Wow! Dr. Frye to the rescue. I hope we can get past this, but I'm a bit worried about a few of these kids!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Shots

Just when I was about to give up... I found this in the BFS viv this morning. Without seeing any tads in the broms, or feeding from the mom, I thought that this clutch had just been abandoned. Super excited to find this little one!

And this one.

One of the recent BSC froglets

Popa baby

Cristo kid

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Microcosm 2013

My fantastic fiance outdid himself once again when he sent me to this year's Microcosm event as an early birthday gift.

The lectures were fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting, and talking to, so many like minded hobbyists. Thank you to Steve Waldron and Darcy Barry for driving me to Balboa Park on Saturday and of course to long-time friend Steve Sotelo for rides, food, and generally keeping me entertained outside of the conference. The fried pickles and beignets at Craft and Commerce were truly phenomenal.
Porto Visto - The hotel where we stayed

My room

Amazing temps while I was there

Of course I had to bring home a few trip souvenirs and my bounty included the following:

Plants from Black Jungle
- Piper Crocatum
- Ficus villosa
- Noid epiphytic fern
- Several bromeliads

Orchids from Andy's Orchids
- Dryadella Albicans
- Pleurothallis Peroniacephala
- Pleurothallis Dodsonii
- Pleurothallis Diminuta
- Scaphosepalum Medinae
- Liparis Caespitosa
- Bulbophyllum Alagense
- Moss with noid epiphytic fern
Shopping at the booth for Andy's Orchids

Ceramic hides/breeding sites from Ron Skylstad. I call them Ron Pods

Oophaga Pumilio Bastimentos from Adam Butt

Oophaga Sylvatica Paru from Ruprecht Wiedemeyer