Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pumilio Cristobal

In October of 2010, I picked up these two beauties from Tropical Ecos. They were sold to me as a pair, but throughout the last year it has become more and more apparent that I may have two girls. The "male" has never called and every time I play Pumilio calls I get a clutch of unfertilized eggs. In the last picture you will see their enclosure. It is a 10 gallon vert, which truly is too small for Pumilio so these guys will be moving into one of the 20 galllon verts or the 36 gallon cube I am currently building.

"Male" (Female #2)

Female #1

Female #1 Closeup

Pair at Feeding Time

Full Tank Shot

Species -  Oophaga Pumilio Cristobal
Line/Origin - 2010 SNDF, WC
Age - ?
Quantity - 0.2.0
Purchase Date - 10/8/2010
Seller - Tropical Ecos