Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Super Sad Day

Over the last few weeks I realized I have a voracious egg eater in the Cristobal group; about 25 or so recent eggs and tads. I had thought it was possibly one of the now adult F1s that I have yet to pull, but also had a sneaking suspicion it was Scar. I got my answer this week when I found her sitting atop 3 different devastated gel masses at different times. This time she wasn't letting any eggs get to maturity so I had to pull her. Of course it would have to be my favorite girl. Hoping for a male from the remaining pair now so I can set her up on her own. I am SO running out of room.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rambala Pair

When it looked like the 2.2 Rambala that I picked up in 2012 were more likely 3.1, I brought in another "female."

After treatment, and an eight month quarantine, she was good to go and went in with the spotted guy.

He's been calling nearly non-stop to her but she seems fairly uninterested. I did notice with the other pair that the females seem to take a while to settle in and respond so hopefully that's all it is and I don't have another male on my hands.