Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I Lost in the Fire - The Holy Grail

No, I'm not referring to a real fire, but a metaphorical one mentioned in History. There are a few animals from my former collection that I have vowed will someday be part of my life again: Uroplatus Phantasticus, Pumilio Bastimentos, and Pumilio Rio Branco. Today an animal I have long since coveted as the Holy Grail of my collection is here once again. This is a small preview while the animals settle in to their temporary home.

Male U. Phantasticus

Male U. Phantasticus
Female U. Phantasticus

Friday, September 7, 2012

Blooms in the Viv

I love using flowers as part of my viv plans. There's something about the viv that seems so alive when the plants not only grow, but transform with bursts of color throughout the year. Many of my plants are currently blooming. These are a few of my past and present favorites.

Begonia Prismatocarpa 

Begonia Prismatocarpa

Haraella Retrocalla

Epidendrum Porpax

Dendrobium Indivism

Trias Intermedia


African Violet

Monocostus Uniflorus

M.U. - I love the spiral growth habit of this plant!
Aerangis Luteo Alba

Kingianum Deliciosum