Monday, January 2, 2012

Pumilio Cristobal Girls - Behavioral Observations

It's interesting how a change in environment can bring about personality changes in animals. In the 10g vert, female #1 always seemed to be more dominant. She was more bold, had a larger girth, better color, and even displayed dominant behavior towards the other female at one point. When I played Cristobal calls, she always came straight to the front and sat on the largest bromeliad while female #2 would wait quietly on a smaller brom. In the new viv, female #2 has become quite bold, put on weight, and even become more colorful. She has claimed a shelf mushroom high up on the back wall as her own and defends it whenever I open the enclosure to feed or spray. She must know I'm a female too.

Gotta love those toes!!!

Species -  Oophaga Pumilio Cristobal
Line/Origin - 2010 SNDF, WC
Age - ?
Quantity - 0.2.0
Purchase Date - 10/8/2010
Seller - Tropical Ecos 

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