Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Collaborative Marketing Opportunity

If I haven't mentioned before, I am currently a student working on my Bachelor of Business Administration. My real passion, however, is Marketing. I finished my AAS in Marketing Management May 2011.  While working on my marketing degree, I would attempt to use class projects to benefit friends in the frog community. I did a few different research projects for local pet stores, but there was one company I always wanted to help and somehow was never able to create a project for: Pristine Tropics. Yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to do so. I was chatting with an employee at local plant store Cactus & Tropicals about dart frogs and mentioned the fact that we have an excellent breeder and terrarium builder in SLC: Pristine Tropics. I then asked if the store would be interested in having a permanent dart frog enclosure set up in their store. She loved the idea. I quickly went into marketing mode and tried to think of all the people I could get to collaborate on the project and make it really spectacular. I was able to get an old friend to donate an enclosure (this blog is named after an inside joke between the two of us) and the owner of Pristine Tropics seems pretty excited. I think this could also be a great way bring some attention to the Utah Area Froggers group.

So, my tentative plan is to have Pristine Tropics build the skeleton and then pick a day when anyone from UAF who's interested can come down to Cactus & Tropicals to plant this thing together. C & T could advertise beforehand and it could end up being a really fun event. The terrarium would have a plaque on the side that says "This enclosure was brought to you by the Utah Area Froggers with donations made by Pristine Tropics and Exo Terra" and I'll have to figure out a way to stick my name on there somehow too. What a fun way to bring the community together and add to my marketing portfolio. I can't wait!

I googled marketing and frog and came up with this guy. The Budweiser frogs were definitely an oddly effective marketing tool in their day.

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