Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pumilio Cayo de Agua

As I mentioned last year, Cayo de Agua is one of my favorite Pumilio morphs. However, my first attempt to acquire them turned out pretty sour. Between being shipped metamorphs, parasites, seizures, and death, the experience was mostly a nightmare. I still have one froglet left, but after what she's been through I decided it's best to keep her out of the breeding pool.

Last month I noticed an ad for 3 Cayo de Agua froglets by CA breeder Robert Nahn. I took a chance and I am absolutely thrilled that I did. The froglets that showed up were incredibly colorful, fat, and active.  Though they were advertised as the same age as my original CDA froglets, they arrived 3 times as big and much more vibrant in color.

Sellers photo
Check out the greens, blues, and yellow on this guy!

Species -  Oophaga Pumilio Cayo de Agua
Line/Origin - 2009 SNDF, F1
Age - 3-4 Months OOTW
Quantity - 0.0.3
Purchase Date - 5/4/12
Seller - Robert Nahn

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