Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Learn Something New Everyday

This hobby humbles me every day. One moment you feel you have a good grasp on what's important and one comment later you're starting over. Documentation within Oophaga is an important and, in my opinion, highly misunderstood issue. There are so many threads within the forums that talk about the necessity of acquiring well documented frogs, but I have yet to see an ad that states anything to the effect of  "site specific" or "Proper documentation included."(Disclaimer: I have obviously not seen every ad on every site out there). In all my reading, I had somehow never come across anything that stated frogs from one import should not be mixed with the same morph from a different import. I had even seen ads for froglets noting parents from different imports. In the back of my mind I thought, "How can I truly know if the 2011 Cristobal male I just bought is really the same frog as my girls from the 2010 import?" I got my answer the other day… I can't, so now I'm starting over. Who knows, maybe when I move the girls to their new home, the "male" will turn out to actually be a male.

2011 Male

2010 Female #1

2010 Female #2 "Male" 

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