Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pumilio Cristobal Girls in Their New Home

I added the Cristo girls to their new home this weekend. It's a 36 gallon cube. Not much for pictures right now as I'm trying to give them some privacy while they settle in. The vivarium was originally built by Tropical Ecos. I recently reformed certain parts and replanted it, but the basic design is theirs.
Female#1 Exploring a Bromeliad
Female #2 "Male" Belly Shot
Female #1 by the Waterfall
Full Tank Shot

Species -  Oophaga Pumilio Cristobal
Line/Origin - 2010 SNDF, WC
Age - ?
Quantity - 0.2.0
Purchase Date - 10/8/2010
Seller - Tropical Ecos 

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