Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thank You Ed and Brian!

I took quite a while to finish the Darkland, Bastimentos FS, Rambala, and Golfito Vivs, but they are finally fully built. I now just have to add a bit more leaf litter and wait for microfauna to get going and plants to fill in a bit. Thanks to Brian, for drilling holes, and Ed, for tons of plants! I sincerely appreciate your assistance! Of course, there will be a whole new set of pictures when the animals are introduced, but for now here are a few photos and plant lists.

Plants from Ed - I think I counted 26 in all

BFS - Hardscpae
BFS - Plants and Substrate Added
BFS - Closeup of Broms
BFS plant list - Neoregelia generic fireball type, Neoregelia hot tamale, Neoregelia mocha mint, Masdevallia herradurae, Ficus radicans, Marcgravia sp., Ficus Panama, Peperomia serpens, Microgramma lycopodiodes, Begonia polygonoides, Syngonium Rayii, Ruellia sp., Pellionia repens, Begonia manaus.

Darkland - Hardscape
Darkland - Plants and Substrate Added
Darkland - Closeup of Broms
Darkland plant list - Neoregelia maya, Neoregelia trey, Neoregelia gold fever, Ficus villosa, Restrepia brachypus, Bulbophyllum sp., Begonia limprictii, Clidemia hirta, Cissus amazonica, Ficus radicans, Begonia manaus. Unfortunately the camera doesn't do justice to the colors on the Neo Maya and Trey. They are pale yellow with pink accents and glow white under the blue led moonlight. 

20g Quad

Rambala - Left
 Rambala Left Plant list - Neoregelia donger, Billbergia poquito mas, Tillandsia abdita, Cryptanthus sp., African Violet sp., Peperomia sp., Selaginella erythropus, Syngonium erythrophyllum, Manuran Vine
Rambala - Right
Rambala Right Plant list - Neoregelia fireball, Neoregelia red waif, Neoregelia sp., Tillandsia abdita, Begonia rex sp., Begonia prismatocarpa, Rhaphidophora sp., Microgramma heterophylla, Anubias nana.

15g Trio

Golfito - Hardscape

Golfito - Planted and Substrate Added
Golfito plant list - Vriesea splendens, Vriesea ospinae, Vriesea erythrodactylon, Neoregelia fireball, Neoregelia pauciflora x katutskyi, Neoregelia sao sebastio, Billbergia boracho, Begonia manaus, Epipremnum pinnatum blue, Ficus radicans, Pellionia repens, Peperomia serpens, Philodendron glaucophyllum,

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